Sunday, May 16, 2010


It had always been my desire to be a mom one day, but I seriously did not consider the amount of time I would have to give to this job. Adella needs CONSTANT attention... and if she doesn't get it - I know all about what a terrible mother I am by Adella herself.

Seriously, though, I have never been happier. I'm woken every morning to the grunts and groans of her waking up and stretching. I then lean over her crib just to get a wide-mouthed smile. She is so patient with me - probably more so than I am with her. Her achievements are huge, and I have to call whoever I can just to tell them about what she has done. She learns so quickly and seems to be growing faster than is possible. Within two months, my baby was holding her head up quite well, chattering a bit, smiling at everyone and everything, and beginning to role over. Her binky skills are atrocious because she can't keep the thing in, but she can suck on any other surface be it a hand, an arm, or a stinky burp rag.

No matter how frustrating this job can get, Adella is always doing something adorable to bring a smile to my face. Whether it's a cute sleepy sigh, screaming at the t.v, or looking beside me where she is sleeping to find her craning her neck to see me, I feel loved. She has been quite content with everything and rarely complains. I have been so blessed to have her for my first baby and wish it could always be like this. However, I am so stoked to see Adella grow into herself.

I have learned so much in these past months: patience, love, responsibility for another, the importance of example, to play again, to sleep at weird times, etc. However, the number one thing I have discovered is that I LOVE being a mother and would give up almost everything for myself to be one!


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  1. Adella is a blessed little girl to have YOU as her mother~!