Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Little Miss Muffett Vs. The Spider that Sat Down Beside Her:

Hello everyone! For Adella's birthday, we made a cake for her to tear up. Going along with the nursery rhyme theme, Adella is little miss muffett and the cake is the spider that sat down beside her. Enjoy!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

1 Year:

After all of the stress and preperation, Adella's first birthday is over.  Her day was very special, with special guests at her party!  Grandma and Grandpa Felix traveled the approximately three hours to spend her special day with her, as did my siblings, parents, and aunt. 

First, before the day arrived, we made some adorable invitations, thanks to Zane's artistic talent.  Our themewas nursery rhymes:

 We made a clock cake to go with Hickory Dickory Dock, and then a small spider cake for Adella to eat herself from Little Miss Muffet. 

 This is Adella's birthday dress!  She looked cute, but because she's not walking, had a hard time getting around.