Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween: Season of pumkins

Sunday was pumpkin carving night!  Of course Adella wasn't interested in the carving, but she surley enjoyed digging the innards our and handing them to mommy.

Seeds and stingy ick!
 Our ward doesn't do anything special for the kids, like a trunk-or-treat, so we joined my parents at their ward's get-together.  Due to the recent rerelease of The Lion King, Zane thought a lion would be a great costume for our baby girl.  She was absolutely adorable with a little bit of "kitty" makeup and when she roared - made the costume perfect! 

Riley, Treesa, and Anna also came along.  Anna is a little monster.

Handing out the last of the candy!  Delli sure made a haul herself!
I had another picture of Adella and her pumpkin, but I am having stress getting it to look right, so I will try posting it later!