Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas: time to give

I thought I would put my nostalgic read of Space Vampire aside to mention our Christmas this year.  It really is a side note, because, the overly involved mother that I am, could not pause a moment to take a single photo on Christmas day.  Sure we have a minute or two video of Adella's reaction to Santa's visit, but that's it!  I just scrambled the kids together today to snap a quick memory photo of what they got! 

Adella has been so excited for Santa to visit, and was actually quite put-out when she found out he wasn't coming to visit, but would leave gifts without saying a word to her.  She was alright with it though on Christmas morning when she got the "animals" she had written to Santa about!  She knew Santa would bring them, because she sent him a letter and received a response from the jolly man himself.  Mom was put-out it wasn't a handwritten response, but I suppose Claus has no time at all during December.

The animals Adella asked for were actually Calico Critters and she loves playing with them (at the kitchen table because there are quite a number of itsy-bitsy pieces that Zack would be all too willing to taste-test). 

Zack loves the pirate ship Santa left him, and actually plays well with it.  He also loves the soft dinos Santa left in his stocking. 

Zane and I have had quite a lot of fun ourselves, playing with toys, cooking, reading, and gorging on the Christmas delicacies we lack throughout the year.  Even the candy Santa left behind for us is going quick... ugh!  Just thinking about it makes me groan mentally. 

Sure was a great experience, celebrating this wonderful time of year in our new home!  We look forward to all the moments we get to share here!  Thank you all for your kind Christmas wishes!  Hope all is well with your families and that this new year brings joy!

Christmas Letter: A letter only sent to immediate family

We sent out a Christmas letter again this year, but only to immediate family members with the following photo.  We still wanted to share it with everyone though, and I am sorry I did not have time before Christmas to post this, but here it is:
The holiday season is here and it’s time for another reflection on the happenings in the Felix family home.  One of the great blessings we received this year as a family is our house itself.  We are so grateful we now have a place of our own; one that affords our children comfort and where we adults have peace of mind.  We look forward to sharing our first Christmas here and putting our family traditions into place.
Adella celebrated her second birthday with a princess bash.  She is quite a character, teasing and joking.   She enjoys talking though sometimes has difficulty in expressing her thoughts, which might be causing her humor.  Delli has also fixed herself as the strong headed, and quite often, stubborn one in our house who loves to do things by herself.  One of her greatest achievements this year was learning to use the potty, which she is quite pro at now.  Her favorite Sunday activity is to go to nursery and play with the other kids.  Some of her favorite things are Belle from Beauty and the Beast, reading books from the library (at the library), learning (anything), and making up her own songs to sing. 
Zackurie is such a great addition to our family.  He chunked out quickly and has pretty much stayed the same size since.  He quickly became mobile and was walking before his first birthday in November (which was very different from Adella who took about a year and a half to walk).  The difference from Adella to Zack has been extreme.  Zack is all boy- throwing everything, eating everything, and being just that much rowdier than his sister.  Even with all his activeness, Zack is still a very good boy and gives kisses to those who make him happiest (these kisses are in order with his nature, however, and usually end up being quite sloppy and wet).  He adores the Little People toys, banging on the piano, getting into everything he shouldn’t and then smiling knowingly, smiling at everyone he meets, and listening to noisy toys and music. 
We would like to all just thank everyone for the love and support we have felt this past year, and are so grateful to have such wonderful extended family that we adore spending our life with.  We wish to express our hope and support in a bright future for all of us.  We pray you will be blessed to have a great new year and have the confidence in knowing our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ love you and are aware of everything in your life.  We love you all!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Olivia, Zane, Adella, and Zack