Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Activity: Delli's Forte

There's not much to say when pictures are words!

A video is to follow!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Zoo: ssss, gah gah gah, rrrrrr, qua qua

Saturday was Adella's first trip to the zoo and it started early for her.  By the time we arrived at the gates, she was ornery and tired.  But, even though we were greeted first by some of the exhibits from the Jurassic era, Adella got to see an animal that she could mimic.  Turkey!  Gah Gah Gah!  The walk around the park started out slow, but eventually Adella opened up and began to enjoy the experience by pointing and giggling.  She saw and made sounds for elephant, snake, monkey, tiger (actually her lion), and duck. 


Cooling down in the water


Looking at the giraffe

Her pick of the best animal was the giraffe, which we were able to get close to.  By the time we returned to the north gates to ride the train, Adella was exhausted and probably hot, like her mom and dad.   
She was practically asleep as we waited in line for our turn, but when we got on and going, Adella perked right up and watched intently as we traveled through a small portion of the zoo.  And for being such a good girl, Adella got a memento - a purple giraffe!

Dad doused Delli with water for the ride home, which was quiet.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer: late to arrive, early to leave

Knowing the little bit of fantastic, warm weather would move onward and bless others before it stays for the season, Zane and I made sure to make it fun!  We've taken advantage of a swing Riley and Treesa hung in the back yard, and Adella giggles wildly and says, "Wee."

We also purchased a small swimming pool for the little one.  We first put her in it yesterday, after letting it sit in the sun to warm up the water.  The temperature didn't change much, but Adella didn't mind and splashed her hands while saying, "Wee."  Eventually her lips turned purple and she began to chatter her teeth, so playtime was over.

On a side note: I am also proud, as a mom, to finally say, my daughter's hair is now long enough to do something with!  Wee!