Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas Day: The day of Giving (and for the kids - a lot of getting)

Getting the kids downstairs for Christmas was easy, but they waited well while dad made sure the camera was ready (video).  Both of them were so excited to see that Santa had eaten his cookies and drank the eggnog.  They were also excited to see what he brought.  Zack reacted quickly, when he saw his castle he called it out and ran to it.  Adella was a bit more reserved, but she was so excited to see that the big guy brought her the exact Toddler Cinderella Doll she wanted. 

Zack got Woody and Buzz

Zack got a Raph too!
We made sure to send out some calls on Christmas day too!

Adella got the Frozen princesses (Elsa and Anna) from Zack.

Christmas Eve Dinner: Where it all begins... sort of.

*Sorry this post is so long after the others.  We didn't use our regular camera for these photos because, as you might see in some of the photos, it has a black spot on it and could possibly ruin the photo :) 

Christmas, for me as a mother, culminates at the eve of.  I love having a big Christmas Eve dinner, then we read the Christmas story (with hand puppets) and Santa comes.  For the dinner we ate: Honey Ham (from Zane's work), vegetables, stuffing, and mashed potatoes.   

(The black mark is really apparent over Zack) 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Chistmas Card

Busy. busy, busy pretty much defines the last year for this Felix Family!  Yet, some accomplishments and news stand out from the mundane routine of life.  An entire year has come and gone in our new abode, but we continue to love being homeowners and have fallen in love with the area wherein we reside.  Aside from our outward gratitude, we, as mature adult homeowners, have discovered the constant and sometimes frustrating nature of keeping up with our home’s needs.  Overgrown trees have been messed with, leveling the floor has been looked into, and new flooring has been installed.  But even still, it is rewarding to see our sweet children growing up in our home!

As the eldest, Adella has taken on the role of master and commander.  She enjoys being in control and keeping things in order.  But aside from her supervisory side, our Delli has become a sweet and affectionate person; caring for Zack and her cousin Peyton whom she warmly refers to as “little cutie”.  She started her first bout of preschool this September in a neighborhood group.   The once-a-week class has not been enough for our curious and social girl.  She has made and maintained a number of friendships since our arrival and loves to anticipate play-dates with Bailey, Celeste, or anyone willing to visit.  One of her favorite pastimes is to color and she has filled up a plethora of coloring books only to return and fill in the remaining gaps.

Zack is our little man. Getting into trouble, making messes, and being loud is how he occupies his time.  He has finally thinned out a bit but is still equivalent to Adella’s size.  He loves being a part of everything, and is often getting in the way just to be with his sister or mommy and daddy.  He had his first visit to the zoo, aquarium, and Thanksgiving Point this year where he thoroughly enjoyed himself.  He is curious and loves to learn about everything.  He is very talkative, just like his sister, and even though he doesn’t have an extensive vocabulary, Zack communicates all of his wants, needs, and thoughts well (even during church).  He has picked red as his favorite color and loves to play with his red cars the most.

The close of another year reminds us of the mountains of blessings our Heavenly Father offers us and we look back with gratitude for our joys and the struggles which have strengthened us.  We also ponder the lives of our family members who have passed on and know we are blessed with strong and inspirational teachers within our own family.  Thank you all for your own example and strength!  May you and your personal family have peace and happiness!  We pray you will be blessed to have a great new year and have confidence in knowing our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ love you and are aware of your life throughout the year.  We love you all!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Love, Us