Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas Day: The day of Giving (and for the kids - a lot of getting)

Getting the kids downstairs for Christmas was easy, but they waited well while dad made sure the camera was ready (video).  Both of them were so excited to see that Santa had eaten his cookies and drank the eggnog.  They were also excited to see what he brought.  Zack reacted quickly, when he saw his castle he called it out and ran to it.  Adella was a bit more reserved, but she was so excited to see that the big guy brought her the exact Toddler Cinderella Doll she wanted. 

Zack got Woody and Buzz

Zack got a Raph too!
We made sure to send out some calls on Christmas day too!

Adella got the Frozen princesses (Elsa and Anna) from Zack.

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