Thursday, July 19, 2012

Portraits: Beautiful Family Photos

We decided it was time to snap cute photos of our family for the ol' scrapbook (and walls).  So, we called up my best friend Mavanie Stanley, who just graduated in photography, to do our photos!  She did awesome!  I'm not gonna lie: when we got to the location, it was windy and hot, and I thought "This place looks dead."  But Mavanie's got magic in her button pushin' finger!  Check out our cute photos!

This is our favorite family photo!  It's so hard to get "the" perfect one with babies, but I LOVE Zack's little tongue hanging out.

These photos are cute, but the wind was a blowin'.

My handsome men!

There were so MANY adorable ones of Delli, these ones are only two!  She sure posed well.

Daddy and Delli. Golly they love each other!

I sure love Delli too - too bad I have to squeeze the hug out of her!  LOL!

This wasn't the best photo of us, but look at how awesome it looks!  The wind was definitely a factor in this one.

Our baby angels.

See!  Told ya Mav had a magical finger.  This was only a handful, and not all of the ones that are going up on our walls.  Can't wait to get prints!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Fourth of July: Fun

We had a great Fourth of July this year! We started the morning off by getting donuts for breakfast. Next we went to the parade and were fortunate enough to get a seat in the shade. Delli loved the parade. Her favorite part was the Policmen and Highway Patrolmen riding around on their motorcycles in different formations. Every time they came by, she would giggle uncontrollably. After the parade, we hung out at the park for a while. All in all it was a great day!

Adella loved her donut.

Olivia made awesome outfits for the kids!

I don't know what's going on here...

Delli's beautiful dress. She loved waving at everyone in the parade.

Hanging out in the park.

Handsome Man: Zack

 Zack fits comfortably into our family, and we enjoy having him giggle at us and give us toothy and chubby- cheeky grins.  He is still a big little guy but is thinning out with all the crawling and pulling himself up, even climbing.  He eats solid foods really well, even if he doesn't like them.  Normally we get nasty faces while feeding him green foods and foods with small chunks, but they go down-the-hatch.  He is also fast.  Dad can hardly keep up with the speed (neither can mom, but it is hilarious watching Zane chase him around right now).  He has finally decided to take naps in his crib (*mom is beating her fist on wood*) and is just as wiggly as Adella when he sleeps. 
He has his leg elevated on the side of the crib.

Just a note: that shirt is a 12 month
Recently I realized his hair was getting too long and decided to give him a trim.  The process was difficult because he obviously doesn't hold still, but we got his hair to the point that it was manageable.  I can still find some seriously long chunks.  

Great mug shot before the hair cut.

He was a bit put out about me keeping him still.

But he wasn't mad for long.