Wednesday, May 12, 2010


For my eighth birthday my parents gave me a sheet of paper that said it was worth one free ear piercing. I had always wanted to get my ears pierced, but that sheet of paper represented freedom of choice for me. It took me thirteen years of countless clip-on-earrings and contemplation to make the decision. On May 10, 2010 I finally chose to have my ears pierced. Having been told all my life that it doesn't really hurt was a cruel thing, because it hurt a ton more than I was expecting! I could actually feel the earring going through and it was NOTHING like getting a shot. But even though it was just a bit painful, I am really glad I have finally done it! I have always loved earrings - now I can wear them!


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  1. Way to go! I think it hurts more the older we get! You look really happy in the picture too! I think Kenzie would look really cute with hers done, but she keeps telling me she doesn't want them. So that is fine, I guess this will save us some money. (no need for buying earrings..LOL) Then again I don't think anyone would be able to see them, she always has her hair down. We are so excited to have you guys living closer!! See you soon!