Sunday, May 2, 2010

Among the Graduates

There is nothing better than feeling accomplished, and SUU's commencement ceremonies this weekend did just that for me. As I sat among the 1,817 graduates I couldn't help but reflect on the past four years of my life and can feel accomplished in many respects.
I began college with a pretty simple class schedule (all except for the Introduction to Critical Theory class) which left me plenty of time to discover the ways of a college lifestyle. I had roommates that quickly became some of my best friends, and some that I have seen very rarely since. Alex, Cara, Caroline, and Kim are forever in my heart as the craziest, loudest, most creative, truest, and most addicted to Pride & Prejudice - no matter what form or genre - roommates. We spent our time learning to deal with a messy, old house, capable of hiding spilt cereal for months by its brown decorative kitchen carpet and discovered not only that the house's amazing chandelier housed the friendliest of ghosts, but held secrets captive in the basement living room seats.
I returned from my parent's home for my Sophomore year. It was here I lived with the most girls in one house. With a total of 10 women and two bathrooms, there couldn't have been a more harmonious situation. In addition to living with Cara and Kim again I made new roommate friends with Natalie and Mikayla. We were an outgoing group and played volleyball constantly and enjoyed late night talks about life. The comfortable couches and mostly freezing living room was always an inviting arena to host game nights and watch American Idol's David Archuleta and David Cook. It was also at this home that I first started "crushing" on a young man named Zane. School was important, as always, and I constantly found I was being spread too thin, but I wouldn't have changed a moment of it.
Because of my increasing feelings for Zane, I did everything that I could to stay in Cedar that summer. I was then hired on at a mortuary where I learned quite a lot of interesting things (period to that statement).
The next school year was the most memorable and included more great friendships - in another new house. Heather was my roommate and partner in creative things! I also had the opportunity of really getting to know Adrianne and Audrey. Although school was important still, Zane finally stole the top importance and proposed to me on December 8th at the local library. The spring semester was bright, but the busiest I have ever been and will ever allow (right - like I can control the busy factor now). In addition to writing three news articles a week for the school paper and taking four other homework infested classes, I married Zane right smack-dab in the middle of the semester, during spring break.
My final semester at SUU was filled with many emotional tears (just ask Zane), because my emotional balance was no longer a part of my life. Pregnant and stressed about passing the last four classes of my bachelors degree did not mix well (especially Advanced Critical Theory as a final class choice - what was I thinking? I didn't even like the introduction). However, I passed and left a gateway to graduation day.
Two months later I gave birth to our first baby, Adella. Time since then has flown by and Adella, Zane, and I are looking forward with great anticipation and excitement, because if life is anything like the last four years, it couldn't be any better!
As I sat among the sea of black-robed and multicolored tassel wearing graduates, I realized four years of education was worth it! Not only do I feel accomplished with a degree, but I feel some small accomplishment with my life. I have so many friends and memories that are forever important to me.
Thanks to everyone who helped me through difficult times, and played along through the fun! A very special thanks to my parents who pushed me harder than anyone else would dare - it was truly rewarding; and thanks to my sweet husband who will eternally put up with my emotions - I love you; thanks to Delli for being my best friend too.

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