Thursday, June 10, 2010

Moving Forward

This past week has been packed with boxes and unpacking.  I have finally gotten the house to feel like it is livable, even though there are numerous flattened boxes, piles of random things, and un-hung pictures.  Unpacking has been more difficult with a baby (first time to move with the baby).  I am so distracted with her and get most of my work finished after I get her down to bed.  I can't help picking her up when she is smiley and playing with her when she is active.  It's also hard to do too much when I have to feed her every three hours still.  But, that's what makes being a mom a mom.  So, since we have quite a bit done I spent the evening last night playing with my sweet Delli.  I like to make funny noises that catch her attention and one in particular has always caught her fancy.  Check this video out! 


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