Thursday, December 26, 2013

Gingerbread Houses: a sweet architectural structure of tradition

Since Zane and I were married, I have loved the idea of creating gingerbread houses each Christmas.  Of the nearly five years of marriage, I think we have made them a total of two years.  I know it's not really a tradition yet, but I really like doing this... on the most part.
You can tell how Peyton would much rather play than watch me try to get the structures up.
Making the walls from scratch is no big deal, and I thought I would "glue" them together with this idea I found on Pinterest.  It's a basic sugar water mixture, but in the end I found it was easier just to hot glue the suckers together.  Trust me.  The actual building is the worst part of these!

Adella made quite a lovely home, but she was more interested in eating extra candy pieces.

Zack's house really turned out to be a drenched rooftop.  He put pieces onto the roof, slid them off, then proceeded to eat them and lick the icing off the house. 

We had Adella's friend over for the decorating party because we had an extra house.  It was a blast to watch these kids make their homes. 


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