Friday, December 27, 2013

Games: Pastime during Christmas celebrations

Grandpa and Grandma Creps' basement was finished just in time for our family Christmas party.  Therefore, the majority of our time was spent in the comfort of their carpeted rooms.  This year, mom had a number of games planned, and we played them with enthusiasm!  The first game is, I believe, part of Minute to Win it.  We wore pantie-hose on our heads with a golf ball in the end of one of the legs.  The goal was to be the first one to knock over an entire row of water bottles. 
Zane competing against dad.

Me against Angie.

This is Zane against Adella. 

Of course, Adella's head was too small to keep the hose on , and I just helped her hold on while she swung the ball around.

She won too!  Well played daddy!

The next game was a ring toss.  We had to get the rings on the antlers.

Girls versus the guys.

Testing out the antlers.

We also had a small gift exchange. 

Zack got a Madagascar short.  Adella got a princess stationary set.

Zane opened a Yahtzee, and I got some soft socks and body spray. 

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