Friday, December 27, 2013

Cousin Christmas Part: a gathering for joyful Christmas celebrations

We decided to have a small party to exchange gifts among the cousins this year.  We also had the excitement and thrill of having Royell and Adam's family participating.  Their kids are so much younger than their actual cousins, we all thought it would be a fabulous idea to include them in our exchange among the kids.  Due to the celebrations being right after our block of church, we decided to have the party at our house.  Holly and her boys and mom arrived at the house before we could get home anyway.  Royell and Adam pulled in as we were getting things into the house, and we made a merry group of family traipsing into the house.  We began the celebration by gathering around the table to decorate Christmas Trees.  It was both delicious and entertaining.  Afterward, we gathered in a circle and had a fun game of Pass around Parcel.  It is quite similar to a combination of a cake walk and musical chairs, but the person who has the gift when the music stops gets to unwrap a layer and get a small gift.  The person who is in at the end has the 'best' gift.  Then, the kids gathered round to play a variation of Don't Eat Pete called Don't Eat Rudolph.  The kids all had a lovely time. 

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