Tuesday, November 27, 2012

California Trip: the trip without Thanksgiving or Birthday included

November has been an ultra busy month for us with travel and vacation... how bad could that be, right!  We did the very same trip to California two years ago when Adella was only eight months old.  This time was a bit different because of my cousin Stephanie Creps having her wedding on November 10th.  Mom and I decided we had time and should attend this special day for Stephanie and Kieth.  We took the trip in two days again  so the kids wouldn't have to sit in the car for fifteen straight hours. 

Stephanie invited us to the rehearsal dinner, which only mom and I went to with Grandma Anne. 

We came home to this:

Zacky was getting a little sick at this point and was so hot, they couldn't put him to sleep with his sleeper on because he was so hot. 
The next day was the wedding and it was wonderful!  We met up with Scott, Kim, Shayla, and Jessica for the ceremony.  Zack was a bit of a handful because he didn't feel well, but that did not dampen Adella's attitude.  Stephanie looked gorgeous and the rest of the company was good lookin' too! 

Waiting for the ceremony.

Get a good shot of the back of Steph's dress and Kieth.

Adella thought Steph was a princess... that's what a wedding dress should make us feel like right?

Adella with Claire, her second cousin.  She loved her.  Claire was the flower girl.

Cutting the cake!
After the wedding, we pretty much had all the time in the world.  We just spent quality time with Grandma Anne and helped her get lunches ready for Scott and his two deck-hands.  We had a lot of time to talk after the kids went to bed, which has always been my favorite way to spend the evenings at Grandma's house.

Waking Grandma Creps up in the morning was always funny.  Adella had a creepy way of standing over her and staring at her until she woke up.  Then Zack would join in and they'd play on the air mattress for a little while with Sammie (Grandma's dog) too. 

We had to get creative to keep the kids entertained and Grandma pulled out her fabric scraps.

Zack being Zack.

Adella spent a good deal of time coloring at the desk in Grandma's living room.  Zack wouldn't be too far off, because he likes to be around his sister. 

One of the greatest parts of the trip was when Zane joined us!  It had been a long ten days without him, and we were thrilled to have him with us for the rest of our vacation. 

This picture was taken from the Beach house we stayed in when Zane, Grandpa Creps, and Riley and Treesa joined us. We had a great time here!  It's crazy how calming it can be to stare at the unsettled ocean from a quiet, comfy living room.

The beach is always fun to see when we go to California.  The first few days at the beach house were gloomy, rainy, and windy.  Personally, I enjoy this weather, but we were really fortunate to have a couple of absolutely gorgeous days, perfect for beach going. 

Daddy and the kids enjoying the waves.  Obviously it was chilly that morning.  We got up before everyone else and the day was so clear and perfect, we had to get out as soon as possible to enjoy the day; the only problem was the lingering chill. 

Zacky on the rock!

Adella on the rock!

We also walked down the pier in Trinadad.  We could see it from the kitchen window of the beach house, and at night, it was lit up like a runway.

Zack on the pier. 

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