Monday, October 29, 2012

Trunk-or-Treat: LDS Halloween celebration with little option for tricks...

Saturday evening was our ward's Halloween celebration.  This ward did not just plan the basic (and quite popular in Utah) Trunk-or-Treat, and instead, included a pre-everything carnival for the kids, and a chili dinner that was scrutinized by judges. 

The Sunday the party was announced and the request for chili made, Zane suggested we make his mom's recipe, so naturally, I signed us up.  We obtained the recipe and ingredients and I gave my best attempt at the concoction (one must realize I have never made chili, especially not from scratch).  The pot probably should have simmered for a while more, but we were pressed on time.  We brought the pot and our Relief Society President made sure to sign us up for the competition. 

We have had the kids’ costumes all month because Adella already knew what she wanted to be.  She was very excited to break them out and get all dressed up.  Our little Hulk princess turned out more adorable than the overpowering and mindless character he is.  She has always loved Hulk and watched the cartoons with daddy.  Zack’s costume was just logically another member of the Avengers initiative, because he looks similar to Steve Rogers.  Zane and I then picked out of the remaining characters.  We do not have a picture of Zane in his entire Thor costume yet, but it’s perfect!  I had no desire to pick the only female Avenger (Black Widow) but chose also out of the love interests from the corresponding movies and decided on Peggy Carter. 

Adella has not really been old enough to enjoy or care much for carnivals, so this time was particularly fun.  She began the evening by making her own sucker ghost.

Zane's Thor costume shines well!  lol

Next, both of the little ones got to go fishing for some fun prizes.

Zack got a slinky, ring, and bouncy ball.

I hate when blogger decides to flip my photos back so they look funny... anyway Adella fished out a bouncy ball and coloring book.

Not all of the games had prizes, but Adella kept playing the knock-over-the-cans one.  She was great too!

Zack tossed the ball twice too!
Capt. America and Peggy.
There was also bowling for ghosts, a cake-walk for bubble-gum, and a spook ally.  Dad and Zack won after only a few tries of the cake-walk, and Delli circled around quite a while before finally winning a piece of gum!  Zane took the kids through the spook ally and Zack giggled about it.

Next was dinner.  Zane ate multiple helpings of ours, which is best for him because he does not like spicy food much.  I was pretty impressed by some of the others.  The judges went through all of the chili and chose a few to fill their categories.  We were surprised to find ours was picked as chunkiest! 

Adella is holding our trophy for the chili!
The trunk-or-treat was the quickest I've been to. Total of approximately four minutes... maybe... or I just exaggerate, but it was speedy.  Overall, Adella was pleased with her collection of treats and goodies. 

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