Friday, November 30, 2012

Marine Wildlife: Surprising

During the vacation, we had the opportunity of staying at a beach house situated, literally, right in front of the HSU Marine Laboratory.  So for fun, we took the kids over to look at some of the fish.  They are all bundled up so nicely because of the cold rainy weather.

Looking at the aquariums in the laboratory with Anna (pink jacket).

Sitting on the railing (which I noticed on the way out was a no-no).

Pointing out the fishes.

Not sure what this little exhibit was about...

Sleepy head resting on daddy.

Adella and Anna were so cute together.

Getting to touch some wildlife. 

There were also anemones in the touch tanks out back.  We don't have any pictures of that, but both Adella and Zane were shocked at how they would latch on and pulled away quickly. 

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