Sunday, December 6, 2009

Turtle Tricks!

Say hello to my pet turtle Balthazar. It used to be that every time someone would walk into the room he would swim away as fast as possible (most of the time ramming his head repeatedly into the wall). I used to take it as proof that he had mudered numerous fish, but now I think it is just a normal turtle instinct (I still think he has murdered roughly fifteen fish and possibly one other turtle though). When I would try to take him out of the tank, so I could clean it, he would freak out and swat at me with his arms an legs. He even went so far as biting me on the hand.

As time has passed, he has warmed up to me and Olivia. Now most of the time when we enter the room, he swims at us as vigorously as he can. Whenever I pick him up, he just sits there calmly. He eventually began playing with us by chasing our fingers as we moved them back and forth. Now he does an awesome trick. Here is a video of it:

Balthazar is a true turtle friend.


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