Sunday, March 3, 2013

Three Candles: Three years under the belt

Birthday party fun occupied our thoughts all last week, and the celebration was truly the climax!  Adella turned three this year and she is is well on her way to being a pro.  The morning started out with a little excitement about yellow balloons around the house and a chat on Facetime, where Daddy let the birthday girl open her first gift.

Adella's first gift was this cute outfit and the bracelet she is wearing! 

The birthday girl and her balloons.
Throughout the day Adella watched mommy make two more book birthday cakes (because the cake the night before was a bit disgusting).  Finally, they were finished and the decorations were all set in place.  Daddy then came home and made his girl pizza for dinner.

"Look Who's Turned," & "Three Years Old"

Zane makes the BEST homemade pizza!

Delli wanted a book themed party with yellow and purple as her colors! 
 The birthday girl was so excited for all of her 'friends' to come and play at her party and she was not disappointed.  Anna came over and the two disappeared to play in Delli's room for quite a while.  After singing, cake, and lots of goodies, the presents were opened. Thanks to everyone who brought gifts; Delli is still playing with all of them!
Sunglasses and an elephant backpack from Great Grandma Anne.

Cinderella was the one thing, other than books, Adella wanted for her birthday.

Holly got her a book with suction-cup-princess that can be placed on the pages.
 The night was a blast and Adella was quite exhausted from all the playtime with the Haygen, Kolton, and Anna!

Zack had a great time too!

Looking at photos with Kolton (I think).

Playing with Uncle Shawn!

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