Monday, April 9, 2012

Terrible Two's: just a beginning

Delli's special day was filled with immediate fun.  Zane was still working night shifts so Adella got open her gifts right away!  There's no better way to show one's princess that she is a princess than to get her as much princess as she can handle.  So our gifts were heavy on the princess theme. 

Her special day also included pretty pink princess cupcakes with pink lemonade frosting.

Which she devoured, of course.

We are also certain she loves her princesses because she carries them everywhere (even the little ones).  She sleeps with Belle, Cinderella, & Rapunzel.  I still cannot believe it's been only two years since Delli came because it seems as if she has been and belonged here forever!  Love you sweetie!

A special thanks to Great Grandma Anne for getting Zack this adorable "conductor's" overall outfit.  I believe the clothes are made for a 9 month old, but Zack fits perfectly.  We love how cute these are!

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