Sunday, April 29, 2012

Easter: colors, clothes, candy

It had been quite a while since we had visited Zane's parents, so as Easter came up, we decided to visit for the holiday!  It was a long drive with two little ones, but the weekend was well worth the tears and frustration in the car.  There were a lot of new experiences for Adella this year! She was definitely old enough to color eggs... 

Getting ready!

Dipping the first egg

Daddy and Delli pulling the egg out

Adella's first yellow egg!
This was even the first year for Adella to find Easter Eggs!  Zane's parents sprinkled the eggs around at the church across from Jeremy and Andrea's place.  

Here the kids (and parents) are lined up, ready to search and find.

Zack's first egg too!  Aunt Ang helped him find it.

Successful candy collection.

The beginning of the sugar rush!
The Easter Bunny found us at Grandma and Grandpa's house with no problems.  He even spoiled the kids with some fun new things! 

Dress, Shoes, Books, Small Barbie, & Candy

Church Clothes, Shoes, Books, Little People Toys... no Candy! 

My handsome man smiling while wearing his cute new outfit.

Adella in her new "Belle" dress.

Posing together.

Zack's first Easter was a success!  He loves gnawing on his Little People and actually fits into the size 12 month clothes.  Adella loves carrying around her Barbie and was thrilled with the books. 


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