Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Precious: something dear to the possessor

My wedding ring has a very interesting history.  I never wanted a gaudy or elaborate ring.  I just wanted one simple princess cut stone in a floating setting.  Sounds simple enough, right?  Well it wasn't.

We actually purchased the diamond separate of the setting.  The perfect stone was easy enough to find, but the setting was a bit more difficult.  With monstrous jewelers and limited options in a setting, I was doubtful I'd get a ring at the proposal.  But Zane was persistent, wanting everything to be perfect so, he bought a makeshift ring (which I also love), proposed, and continued looking.

I was surprised one afternoon at work when Zane gave me a ring box.  I was also very stunned to find the perfectly chosen ring.  It was only with a lot of hesitation on my part that Zane returned the ring to have the jeweler patch up and fix the poor placement of the diamond.  However, the jeweler was very wretched to Zane and after a couple attempts to perfect the ring, we accepted the craftsmanship.

It was almost devastating to have my fingers swell during pregnancy.  I loved wearing my ring.  So a week after Delli was born I put the ring on and wore it a couple of times.  It was still hard to wear because my fingers were not themselves. 

One day my ring went missing and I figured it would turn up soon.  When it didn't, I was hopeful that when we moved, we would find it hidden behind or underneath a piece of furniture.  That hope proved useless.  But still I didn't give up hope of finding my ring.  So I made sure to carefully unpack each box, and look through the rest of the boxes that would be put into storage.  When the ring didn't turn up, I was devastated.  I never wanted to think that my ring could be lost forever. 

Zane's love was clearly evident in making sure that this ring was perfect.  That was what hurt me so much about losing it.  I felt that my negligence was a terrible way of thanking him for such a wonderful gift.  Zane was very sweet about it, and even suggested I look in certain places. 

The other night, Zane took me aside to look at something he had found on the Internet.  He pulled up a web page with a ring that was almost identical to mine.  I was really saddened because we were actually looking at buying a different ring, when all I wanted was to find the ring Zane worked for. 

That night as we were preparing for bed, I was just thumbing through some places I had already checked for my ring (jewelry box, fingernail polish bag, scripture bag, clothes, etc.).  As I did so I looked into my closet and caught sight of a jacket I hadn't checked.  I thumbed through the pockets only to find lint.  I pushed some more clothes away and saw a different jacket I had already looked through.  Just for good measure, I decided to look again.  The first pocket was empty and I laughed at myself as I reached for the second pocket.  I knew that it wasn't going to be in there because I had already checked.  So when my fingers snatched up a little round piece I instantly knew. My wedding ring had been hidden in a very obvious spot. 

Who knew I would have so much in common with Gollum wanting to find a precious ring?! 

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