Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Life: Growth

This year, we made a garden box! I waited for these little buggers as patiently as my patience allowed!  Beautiful!



Mere Introductions: Seriously... this post signifies 'mere introductions'

These little angels are quite happy with a small piece of fabric - thankfully.  They sport these masks as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, because that's what they love... they

Races: Living Room Athletics

I have found decorating and arranging furniture in our living room is difficult.  The room is an odd size and length.  Of course we have a decent arrangement currently, but the length of the room is quite perfect for my munchkins.  They have loads of fun racing to each end - either together or towards each other.  Of course they begin by chanting, "Ready, sit, go!"


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sleeping Babies: A feat in our household

I love to try capturing the beautiful serenity of sleeping babies, but pictures can do no justice to the quiet stillness of a regularly active baby/toddler/child.  However, my children never came close to the utter appreciation and depth of nap-time as does my nephew, Peyton.
Note: These pictures come from rather chilly afternoons in February and March. 
A newly alert napper; looks normal...

Until one spies the drool/sweat collection.

He is such a sweet sleeper, and always finds his way to his stomach (I have always put him on his back by habit).

I just want to snuggle this guy!


Birthday: Numero 4

It has been a wonderful four years, since I became a mother, Zane became a father, and Adella became our first addition to the family.  Anticipation was high for her birthday this year.  Four, is a big number in her world!  And the theme for the party was exactly what any four year old (introduced to My Little Ponies) would pick.  MLP!!!  I confess, I am supposed to be the adult, but I cannot help being excited about anything MLP!  No party games this go around, but it was certainly as Pony as we could get on our budget.  The first present to be opened was for Zack.  Grandma Anne is always so thoughtful when sending a package.

Of course the packaging is still very entertaining ☺

... for everyone!
The first event on Adella's big day was Holly (and the guys) special gift to her.  We were able to go to Holly's shop for her to have both a manicure and pedicure!  My princess was pampered from head to toe... literally. The boys brought her balloons, princess crowns, and Holly did the pampering (which included some sweet little flip flops for while the paint dried.



Adella loved the pampering!
Now let's dive into the birthday decor.  I wanted everything to represent the ponies, since the pony selection is a bit sparse.  

This table represents Rarity -  even with the turquoise color of her cutiemark in the napkins.  This table also held the celebratory cake!

This is the Pinkie Pie table... Details follow.

Here is a shot of the Pinkie Pie table balloons... totally her cutiemark (although I was frustrated with the see-throughness of the yellow one which mixed with the blue to make GREEN!).

This is the table itself!  Light and dark pink!

On the Pinkie Pie table, Twilight Sparkle is represented in the gift wrapping.

The other end of the Pinkie Pie table held the party favor bags representing Applejack.

This is where Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash witnessed the festivities (they are part of other aspects of the party as well).
The kids always open their birthday clothes first! 

The rest of the presents followed:
We love these LeapFrog reader books, and because she wanted the Tiana toddler doll, we coordinated!

And here it comes...


The Tiana Toddler!

So, I am aware this is the only present that actually had MLP on it, but in my defense, Adella got ponies for Christmas, only two months prior to this.  So for her 'need' present our big girl got pony underwear!

Adella's gifts from Grandma Anne follow:

A Minnie Mouse Travel Bag!

A puppy! (And a lovely summer dress, which I now realize I have no picture of.... gotta get one of those!)

Zack found his favorite toy in the mix and kept a close watch over it!
This was the party food:

This is the Rainbow Dash cake!  It was for the people!

I figured this cake was going to be a bit more difficult, but I was pleased with how smoothly I was able to get the sprinkles on.

Blowing out the candles.

And of course, I couldn't forget to provide pony food.

This is a dry-erase board from Riley, Treesa, Anna, and Bradley.

From Grandma and Grandpa Creps, Adella got a princess Twilight Sparkle and set.

She also received clothes from them.

Mark, Angie, and Peyton got Adella a big Twilight Sparkle (she loved coloring on the clothes that came with her).
 Grandma and Grandpa Felix gave Adella a Sophia board game, book, and clothes.  We have no pictures of these because she opened them while FaceTiming them.  It was wonderful having as many people visit as did!

In photo: Megan, Zack, Zane, Riley, Treesa, Mark, Bradley, Angie, Adella, Olivia, and Anna.  This is only a small portion of those who came.

Two Twilights! 

Sharing the birthday with Peyton!

Playing Ponies with Anna!