Thursday, May 15, 2014

Felix Smorgasbord: A mixture of Felix family happenings

Here are some delightful images of our Peyton man chomping down celery - he loved it!

Adella got Peyton to laugh quite a bit by tickling him. 

I have to corral the kids some days (clearly) and look where Zack got stuck.

Peyton's toy box!

Zack in Peyton's car seat.

Crazy hair day.

These next pictures are heartbreaking.  Look at this little sleep, sick, babe. Peyton had many ear infections and illnesses which led up to him getting tubes in his ears. 

See how sad!  He still has the habit of grabbing at his poor ears even though he is very much improved.

Dancing with toys!

Well...  he has a mouthful!

I tried out bangs on my beauty.  She loves them, and I think they look great on her face.  That being said, I refuse to take care of them like this constantly and will let her decide when and if she wants them when she is older.

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