Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Improvement: upgrading from the bad to the good

We were able to do a huge, and very needed upgrade to the flooring in our kitchen about a month ago.  One morning, while eating our breakfast, I had it with the ants that had found 'invisible' food on my carpet and complained loud enough.  We were quick to go out and find an alternative we could afford.

Here is a reminder of what our floor looked like when we moved in:

The kitchen had sticky green tiles on the floor.

This is a peek at the laundry room... lookin' rather nasty.  I used a rug to hide the horrible 'cobbelstone' laminate.

This carpet ran throughout the entire floor level - excluding the laundry and kitchen.
Surprise, surprise... the 'cobbelston' 'flooring' was under the carpet.

Well... we tried to enjoy our work ;)

To level out the kitchen floor with the carpeted dining room, the previous renovation included cement slabs. 

Zane is an amazing husband and did all of the hard labor. 

I have no pictures of us actually laying the laminate, but look at this improvement!

Looking at the dining room.

I have been very pleased with the laundry room!  Sadly, I don't have a picture of this floor before our new dryer got put in, so there is a lovely gash visible in our floor.  *Sigh*  At least it's just the laundry/furnace room. 

Another view!

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