Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mouth: perfect storage area

Adella has always kept her mouth clear of toys and small objects, even when she was a baby.  This is the reason we struggle with Zack and his persistent need to have something in his mouth- whether it's a carpet strand, tiny hair band, rocks, or larger blocks.  I feel like I spend half of most days clearing his mouth out.  So when he is willing to crawl around with large toys in his mouth, I don't mind (at least they aren't quickly down the hatch).  In fact he likes a lid from Adella's tea-set and crawls around with it clenched in his teeth while blowing raspberries on it.  So when I found his mouth occupied by a completely different toy, I couldn't help but laugh.
This is one of Delli's Little Mermaid toys.

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  1. OH my gosh! That is too cute! We had the same issue. Our first NEVER put anything in his mouth, heck it was hard to even put food in his mouth, if it wasn't a bottle he didn't want it. But, our second and third baby always had/have things in their mouth. Lukus is far worse then William was too. You have such cute kids! You are a very blessed woman (though I know some days you may not believe it, I know I have those days...a lot.)