Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Christmas: an early arriving holiday for 2011

Because Baby Boy is expected this next month, Christmas has already been on my mind.  I don't want to feel surprised by the holiday- instead I hope to be as prepped as possible.  Zane has even gotten in the mood and we have begun getting everything for our kids ready. 
Zane decided he would use his artistic talents to make Adella a poster of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet because we haven't been able to find a simple one that we liked.  He finished it quickly, and it is fantastic!
We are going to be using some of the baby's Christmas gifts earlier.  This is the car seat cover that I made the other day so we can make sure he is kept warm this winter! 

Adella has decided she is a big girl, and refuses to take naps (which is probably the hardest change she could have made right now on mommy).  It's a rare occasion when she is willing to sit in my lap and take a snooze, but I had to post this picture.

Alright... she really isn't in my lap, but there sure isn't a whole lot of room.  You can also tell how hot it has been because our landlord had already unhooked our swamp cooler and the warmer weather heated our house well. 

Then, this morning, Adella looked so cute and was being photogenic (which is rare because she likes to get close and study the camera).  So I thought I would post a small handful of photos!


  1. CUTE pictures!! I understand about the no lap thing. =) Mine is quickly disappearing, too. =) Sounds like Adella and Steph are on the same wavelength, because Steph has almost decided on a no nap life as well. Stinks for us but what do you do??

    Love the poster and car seat cover! We are excited to have a new cousin soon!

  2. I love the pictures, Adella is so cute! I think I'm going to have to come to you for some of sewing projects!