Monday, September 12, 2011

Camping: Tents, Campers, Fish, Rocks, Kayaks

This is only one of (at least) three posts where Olivia tries to catch up with the Felix's ongoings... 

Near the end of August, Grandma and Grandpa Creps invited their family to go camping.  Naturally, Zane and I were dragging our feet because it would mean trying to sleep with Adella - in a tent - and I was not so hot on sleeping on the ground being seven months pregnant.  But we decided it would be a great opportunity for Adella's first camping trip because grandma and grandpa would have their camper if we needed it.  The camping spot was nestled right against Trial Lake in the Uinta Mountains.  On arrival, we were greeted with booming thunder and cold rain causing us to hide in the camper.  As the sun set, the weather improved and we were able to enjoy the fire with no mosquitos.  Sleeping was interesting, as Adella was snuggled between Zane and I to keep her warm.  But because of mom's multiple trips to the camper for the restroom that night, Adella didn't remain asleep the entire night and was squirming by five in the morning.

Thankfully the sun finally rose and Adella was wrapped up in her jackets and set loose to collect rocks to her heart's content...   

Adella would pick up rocks and hand them to whoever was closest.  Later in the afternoon she would collect them in her cup and throw them into the lake. 

Mark asked Zane early in the morning to go out on the Kayak and then he got to go onto the water with Riley later.

I got a fishing licence to spend some time fishing and actually caught a few.  Most of them were smaller than this one, but it was fun!
We only spent one night and day there, but we had so much fun, and Adella loved her very first camping trip. 


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