Friday, December 3, 2010

Vacation: A trip where- if one doesn't tavel by air- the majority of time is spend driving.

Thanksgiving this year was a real experience.  We took Delli out to see her great grandmother Anne, a 16 hour drive (yes, of course we know we're crazy).  This trip has been in the works for a very long time, and anticipation was not the friendliest of daily companions.  But finally we made it.

Tuesday morning started out early, with a planned 9 hour drive to Reno.  But, due to the weather, we were about an hour behind schedule and a bit more up-tight about safety.  What a blessing it was to find our way through such snowy weather.

Wednesday didn't start out with the looming weather.  Instead we hopped into the cars for the remaining 6 hours of the journey knowing it'd be more enjoyable.  The weather was gorgeous- but the mountain roads were quite nasty, slowing us down a bit again.  Wednesday was also the day Zane was looking forward to the most.  He has quite a fetish and fascination with Sasquatch and was looking forward to the museum near Grandma's house.  Unfortunately, it closed for the winter in October.  He did, however, get a picture with his beast friend.

When we finally got to grandma's, Adella did something she had never done before... she wouldn't go to her.  She acted shy and clung to me... this is not a very reassuring sign.  But Adella quickly warmed up to Sammie, the dog. 

Thanksgiving day started with Uncle Scott taking some people crabbing.  Zane was lucky enough to get to go and was only slightly seasick.  Thanksgiving was also the first time, that I can remember anyway, my dad's entire family getting together.  It was really great to see my dad's brothers and their families.  We were even able to eat some of the crabs Scott had pulled up.  And of course, since this was quite an event, we got a family picture.

The rest of the trip was great too!  I was able to show Zane a bit of the area.  We went to Big Tree, Fern Canyon, and the beach.  Each spot is fun to visit because Northern California is so unique.  The redwoods are amazing, the area is lush, and the beach freezing.  Of course this trip was special for Delli also because it was her first time to the beach. 

Big Tree

At the Beach

Tracie, my cousin, also brought her little girl Claire to Grandma's house so that the three great granddaughters could play together.  We also made sure to get Christmas dresses and snap a picture of them together. 

Adella, Claire, & Anna

Four Generations
Olivia, Grandma Anne, Kevin (Dad), & Delli
The ride home was also enjoyable, but we were all grateful to get home so we could have some space.  Delli did great on all four days of the ride.  She also learned three new things: clapping her hands, clicking her tongue, and playing peek-a-boo with her blanket.


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  1. It looks like you guys had fun! Adella is getting so big!