Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Boxes: cheap suitcases to live out of

This week, Adella and I, stayed at my parents' house to help mom go through some old boxes in preparation for a yard sale (maybe).  Just like everyone else, my family has accumulated a lot of junk and memorabilia.  It was fun finding things that have been put away for years.  Rifling through some of my mom's old craft stuff, we found my old ballet shoes.  I never took ballet... but did take dancing lessons and used these worn slippers for that.  I was also excited to find my wood chess set.  It was one of the few things I have been trying to find.  The other is a box of Barbies.  I haven't seen my Barbies in years and suspect someone might have disposed of them.  I wanted to have them for my kids, and now that I have a girl, they would be nice to have on hand.  Oh well...  instead of bringing back Barbies, however, I brought back four boxes of fabric.  I look forward to making things for Delli! 

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