Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby News

The due date is approaching faster and faster, but I am sure that is only because I am so ready to have this baby. Zane and I have rearranged the baby's room and feel prepared for her to come at any moment. Although things have been fairly easy for us during the entire pregnancy, we were surprised yesterday with high blood pressure. Of course I was put on the regular routine of check-ups and have given more blood and urine, had my blood pressures monitored, and have more assurance that our baby is a girl through another ultrasound. After a few hours at the hospital - which Zane and I enjoyed due to the excitement it caused - I have been sent home on bed-rest. The doctor feels that although I have checked out I might still have preeclampsia and should "lay low" until this baby comes. There is nothing enjoyable about having to lay around when one is already limited to certain physical activities, so I look anxiously forward to the moment my body decides to work with my baby who seems to be making more progress than I am. Besides, I think Zane is ready to hold his little baby because he seemed to enjoy all of the commotion at the hospital.


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  1. This is Scott's (Zane's cousin) wife. I totally understand the bed rest thing! I had the same lovely experience with high blood pressure when we had our little girl. Hope things go well until she makes her debut! Hang in there!