Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trunk-or-Treat: Ward Trick-or-Treat

Our ward has a chili cook-off during October, so we have our trunk-or-treat and Halloween carnival at the same time!  The costumes had to be ready early this year, and even though I am still tweaking Adella's Pinkie Pie wig, the kids looked great!


Making Faces: Pumpkin Faces

We got a felt board from Grandma Urie, so I have had fun thinking about what felt figures we could do.  Why not jack-o-lanterns for Halloween?  Her the kids are making their faces:

Broken: No longer whole

Adella had Zack chasing after her because she had snatched his tie.  Zack fell, and Zane, who saw it, said he smacked his head.  Later that evening we noticed Zack wasn't able to grab something we had given him.  At first I was worried something got jumbled in his head.  Then he started to complain about his hand hurting.  It wasn't until the weekend was over that we got him into the doctor who called for an x-ray.  But the doctor wasn't even sure his arm was broken because the little man never winced when he was inspected.  Ten minutes after the x-ray, the doctor called and said Zack had a buckle break in both the bones in his arm.  Poor boy!  We kept him wrapped up until the swelling was down and got him a 'green' cast, which was actually glow in the dark.  This cast lasted half a day because Zack swung his arm as a sunbeam, and it flew across the room.  His second cast was blue and went past his elbow.  We have more pictures of the first cast, but they are all on our phones.  I will have to get them off and add them later.

The Wrap

The Blue Cast

The Blue Cast the day it was removed - it has duct tape because it was giving him sores.  


Complete: The act of finishing a task

It has been over a year in our home already, and I have just finished my first room!  Adella's quilt took me forever to finish, but it is!  So here are some pictures of her room.  You will notice how clean and organized it is... that's rare.  But she seems to enjoy it, so I am happy.

Preschool: Learning Playgroup

Adella is in a neighborhood preschool group and started Sept.  24.  She loves school and loves having a backpack to carry all of her school supplies.

Hogle Zoo: Animal Show

The Hogle Zoo was one of our mini vaca stops!  I personally love going to the zoo and was happy to spend the morning there looking at all the fun animals.  The kids really enjoyed it too!

The very first thing to happen... Adella skinned both her knees.

The eagle's nest.

The polar bear was particularly fun to see because she would come up to the window and fall back into the water.  She apparently loves to show off.