Monday, April 8, 2013

Conference Weekend: Spiritual Uplifting

We loved conference this weekend!  It was also fun to visit with Grandma and Grandpa Creps and Mark & Peyton.  We spent the Saturday sessions at the grandparents house, so the guys could work on some sheetrock.  The announcement of a new temple in Cedar City was very exciting to us!  Here are some of my mom's photos from Saturday.


Peyton being a cutie!

Banana clips in the hair.

Adella's banana clip.

Monkey face.

Mark and Dad working.

Zane's first time hanging sheetrock.

Zack wearing daddy's shoes while he was at the Priesthood Session of Conference.

Sweet Delli.
Sunday morning was Ebelskivers time!  Since we were seriously dating, I have made ebelskivers for conference breakfast (most of them).  I love to cook and enjoy making these round pancakes for the fam.  The kids love them as much as their daddy now. 

The kids colored while I made breakfast.

Life: Baby and Photos

We've had a few more days with Peyton, and I just wanted to post some more photos of the cute little man.  He is such an angel and Adella and Zack both love him.  I have to be extra cautious of Zack because he thinks he needs to pick his cousin up, but he isn't allowed to be around him by himself.  Adella will just lay next to the baby on the floor and talk.  She uses her sweetest voice and has taken to calling him, "Mr. Peyton". 

We put our baby swing up so I'd have a safe place to put Peyton down.


I also took a bunch of photos of our kiddos the other day and want to share them.  They are not professional, and still need to be edited (thanks for a gifted husband), but they are still adorable.  Enjoy!

We had barely gone outside when the wind picked up and the rain started.  But the wind-blown photos are cute too!

Windy and cold!

Easter: He is risen

Here's our Easter in photographs:

Zack's basket and clothes.

Adella's basket and clothes.

Adella got Belle and Beast

Zack got an assortment of balls.

Delli even got a Pinky Pie toothbrush.

He just might be our soccer player!

Looking for eggs.

Found it!

Delli's were hid pretty well!

Dad helped find the eggs.

All dressed up and handsome.


Handsome man.

Delli blends with the wall.

Pretty girl.

We've got the best kiddos!