Monday, August 13, 2012

Home: A more permanant location to reside

Sorry, but we have been busy everyday, so it has taken me quite a while to get this post up.  So, the new news is that we bought a house!  Wahoo!  My goal was to get out of our apartment by the end of July, but that didn't work out due to illness.  So instead, we are getting some carpet replaced while we live in both our apartment and new house.  The following pictures are a tour of our new home!  I will have to post a picture of the outside later, because I realized as I was loading these photos that I didn't take one yet (wow! a little off I am!).

Welcome to our home!  This is the view just inside the front door!

Take a few steps inside and see our living room!  We have a wood burning stove.

This is the other end of the living room.

Standing in front of the wood-burning stove lets one see down our hall!

Walk down the hall to see the cupboards in our dining/kitchen.

This is our dining room.  The brown doors lead to the laundry room (not really a pretty sight, so I didn't include a photo).  There is carpet it in here, and we hope to replace that within the next few months. 

Here's my kitchen!  It's a lot bigger than it seems.  We have since filled the cabinets and purchased a fridge that sits next to the stove.

We have a downstairs bathroom (1/2).  The toilet sits opposite the vanity.

This is Adella's room.  We have already painted her room "lellow" and torn up all of the bedrooms's carpet.

This is the master, and again it has no carpet right now. 

Master closet... not a walk in, but sure bigger than the rest.

Our upstairs bathroom is the most up-to-date room in the house.


This is the guest room.  We have torn off the wallpaper... what a nightmare!  But we discovered a really useful tip to get it off easily.

We are also in the process of painting the room- including the beadboard.

Zack's room had the worst carpet... It is also one of the smallest, but it is still a great size for him!