Thursday, September 2, 2010

Growing: Adella's only job

Adella is now 6 months old! 
For being alive for only half of a year, it seems like she has always been here!  As we reach this milestone it's fun to see how far Delli has already come.  She has:
learned to army crawl
sit up on her own
eat baby food and puffs
drink from a regular cup
get her hands on everything she shouldn't
talk and use her voice
say mom (even if it only comes out when she is mad and upset)
It is also fun to see how she responds to certain people.  She absolutely loves her daddy!  When she hears him she will look around the room until she finds him or the phone if he is on speakerphone.  She finds other little people so much fun to scream and talk to.  She adores Anna and babies in our ward are all becoming her friends. 

All in all - 6 months of baby have been great!  We love you Adella!